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WELCOME TO Excel Vehicle services

We are in the business since the last 10 years delivering professional service to our clients.

We carry out certification of New Zealand new and re-registered (used) vehicles to ensure the vehicle complies with legal standards of construction and mechanical fitness.

We offer a whole range of services that take care of all your vehicle needs. Equipped with the latest technology machinery, it is our aim to provide the best solutions to all your vehicle problems.

We believe in providing the finest customer service to all our clients so our experienced staff will guide you through with expert opinion.

Our team at excel vehicle services are also in-house licensed custom brokers


Your engine is a beautiful thing. With some gas, air and a spark, it powers you down the road. Treat it well and your car will go the distance. But remember, every engine has different needs. Its well–being also depends on other factors, such as how you drive. At Excel Vehicle services, our techs have the know–how to help you get the most out of your engine. Whether you come in for a Check Engine Light diagnostic, maintenance or repairs, you’ll get expert service and advice.


Steering and Suspension Repair

If your vehicle has a noise, vibration or unusual handling characteristic, call into your local Shock Shop to have it checked out. Your suspension is the only thing that keeps your tyres in contact with the road and, if not correctly maintained, is likely to be very dangerous. The trained technicians at The Shock Shop will evaluate your vehicles suspension and give you an accurate assessment of the vehicles safety.